Our goal is to provide the highest quality, competitive volleyball experience in Clark County.

Clark County Fusion Volleyball Club is a non-profit, 501c3, organization established to develop a competitive program dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic aptitude of young athletes through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball while fostering a sense of community and promoting leadership. We are committed to providing a program of excellence to help middle and high school age athletes compete at the regional and national levels in Junior Volleyball. It’s our mission to blend passion with perspective to combine love of the sport and intensity, with knowledge, integrity and discipline.

We provide an opportunity for highly motivated volleyball players to develop and enhance their skills through participation via a safe, enjoyable and nurturing competitive environment in which to train and flourish. Each program is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for young athletes to develop basic and advanced volleyball fundamentals, achieve success and accomplish their goals. We are committed to developing our athletes into positive, forward-thinking players who have to the tools to excel in volleyball and in life, at any level. Our goal is to develop character through an environment that emphasizes earnestness, mutual respect and passion towards volleyball.

We believe competitiveness; hard work and fun can and should co-exist. We encourage our players to learn the game of volleyball, compete at their highest level and finish the season with a positive view of themselves and the game of volleyball. With dedication and commitment on everyone’s part, we will have a successful and exhilarating season.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Since Clark County Fusion Volleyball Club was founded in 2014, we have been committed to creating a diverse community comprised of families from the greater Vancouver/Portland area.  The Pacific Northwest is a diverse place, and we are committed to reflecting the vibrant mix of cultural,religious, economic, racial, ethnic, sexual orientations, and family structures that are part of our everyday lives.  We have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, victimization or harassment.  We believe a diverse and inclusive volleyball community makes us better informed, more compassionate, and better prepared to affect positive change.  Our families, club directors and coaches represent an increasingly broad spectrum of economic backgrounds, family structures, racial, ethnic, and gender identities. We believe this diversity of experience equips our athletes with the perspectives and skills necessary to thrive in a complex, multicultural, and increasingly connected world.

Transgender Equality Statement:

We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for people to be who they are, irrespective of their gender identity.  We understand and respect that there can be differences between assigned sex and gender identity and expression and we value the unique contribution of all players, coaches and families, including individuals who identify outside of the gender binary. We will also seek to provide a supportive environment for people who are considering, undergoing or who have undergone transition while adhering to USA Volleyball guidelines.

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