The Advanced Athlete Academy (A3) has established itself as one of the top performance facilities in the Northwest. Our combined goal is to provide sport specific strength and conditioning training to our athlete’s to maximize their individual potential. 

Volleyball requires a very explosive and powerful athlete.  With our volleyball athlete's we want to increase their vertical jump and rotational power.  We focus on teaching proper jumping and landing mechanics as well as training the Olympic lifts and their derivatives to enhance power and force production. 

As with all of our overhead athlete's, we also implement arm care training to reduce the risk of injury to the shoulder and elbow.

Training Opportunities through Fusion

All of our club level teams will train at A3 at no additional cost to them. If you are a part of our home team program and would like to sign up for A3 in addition to the team, please email us at ccfusionvbc@gmail.com


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests, please contact Coach Packer/A3 via email: pack@traina3.com, or by phone at (360) 907-9767.