The Advanced Athlete Academy (A3) has established itself as one of the top performance facilities in the Northwest. Our combined goal is to provide sport specific strength and conditioning training to our athlete’s to maximize their individual potential. 

Volleyball requires a very explosive and powerful athlete.  With our volleyball athlete's we want to increase their vertical jump and rotational power.  We focus on teaching proper jumping and landing mechanics as well as training the Olympic lifts and their derivatives to enhance power and force production. 

As with all of our overhead athlete's, we also implement arm care training to reduce the risk of injury to the shoulder and elbow.

Training Opportunities through Fusion

A3 Fusion Session Rate: $225 for unlimited sessions for 10 weeks!


To register, go to www.traina3.com. Go to the schedule and select the “Fusion Volleyball” class. From there you’ll be prompted to register and pay.

As our athletes continue to lose their opportunity to compete on the court, we want to provide them with an opportunity to continue to build their athleticism. Athletes at all levels have an opportunity to focus on increasing their athleticism, strength/speed/power/agility, without the stress of games. We have put together a 10 week program to prepare volleyball athletes for their next competitive season. The program will consist of unlimited training sessions over the 10 weeks, beginning December 21st and concluding February 26th. There will be multiple sessions available each day for the girls to choose from. Registration and payment will be done through the A3 website, instructions below. The program emphasis will be to increase the athletes vertical jump and lateral quickness as well as developing total body strength. 




Clark County