The Advanced Athlete Academy (A3) has established itself as one of the top performance facilities in the Northwest. Our combined goal is to provide sport specific strength and conditioning training to our athlete’s to maximize their individual potential. 

Volleyball requires a very explosive and powerful athlete.  With our volleyball athlete's we want to increase their vertical jump and rotational power.  We focus on teaching proper jumping and landing mechanics as well as training the Olympic lifts and their derivatives to enhance power and force production. 

As with all of our overhead athlete's, we also implement arm care training to reduce the risk of injury to the shoulder and elbow.

Training Opportunities through Fusion

A3 Fusion Session Rate: $299 for 24 sessions starting March 1, 2021, ending June 1, 2021! 


Dates and Times: March 1 – June 1 • Multiple sessions available daily.

o First session available 6:00am.

o Last session at 8:00pm.

*You may sign up mid session, just note the June 1 end date*


We are excited our high school players are going to get a chance to compete for their schools this Spring! After months of waiting and preparing, their opportunity is here. For those not participating or those wanting to continue on in an “in-season” program, A3 is offering Fusion athletes a discounted 24 session package. These sessions don’t expire until June, so there is plenty of time to get your work in! The program will consist of 24 training sessions to be used over the next three months. There will be multiple sessions available each day for the girls to choose from. The program emphasis will be to increase the athletes vertical jump and lateral quickness as well as developing total body strength. We are taking precautions with Covid, each session the athletes will have their temperatures checked and wash their hands. The facility is cleaned every hour, before and after each training group. Masks may be worn, but are not required during the session. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We are excited for the opportunity to work with your athletes. $299 registration fee is required per athlete. We look forward to sharing an experience that will enhance your playing careers.

To register, go to www.traina3.com. Go to the schedule and select the “Fusion Spring 2 ” class. From there you’ll be prompted to register and pay.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or special requests, please contact Coach Packer/A3 via email: pack@traina3.com, or by phone at (360) 907-9767.